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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lanterns! More Patio Garden Play

My patio garden is evolving...

Look what I found on freecycle!  

A rustic plant stand which also serves as storage for spare pillows.

I've lugged this metal wall art around for years.  It's never been my favorite piece but I'm trying it out in the garden.  
Sometimes I have to sit with something for a few days before I know if I love it or not.

I found this hanging gas-lantern (on the right) at a garage sale for $2.00!

And everyone's favorite addition...
These fabulous chinese lantern string lights which I found on freecycle.  They turn the garden into a mystical place at night.

Two questions for my fellow gardeners:
  1. My hydrangeas seem to be losing their color.  What might be causing this?Have the blooms just lived out their days?
  2. My tomato plants are small and have shriveled and sometimes dead leaves.  I've harvested a lot of little tomatoes from them but the plants don't look healthy.  What should I do?

Happy digging!

1 comment:

  1. love the freecycle stuff - keep it up! you and my mom have a lot in common when it comes to decor and living style, I like it.

    are your hydrangea's pink or blue? if they are blue, your soil is acidic, if they are pink - it is less so. They do just fade and make a great dried flower for arrangements, or, just stick it in a vase dried - I've still got one from last summer.

    Tomato plant? hmmm. Could be one of a million things, too much water, not enough, too hot, a fungus, a parasite, etc.

    too small a pot? need pic to diagnose.


    I'm lovin' your space, it's cool to hang out here.


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