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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What To Do With Old Branches and Tin Cans?

Make a towel hook/vase for the half bath!
A bulky towel rod in a bathroom that has neither a tub nor a shower just makes no sense at all.

Peace out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Painter's Tape and A Little Bit of Psychosis

I promise there is a deep and provocative blog entry brewing within me, and I will write it soon, but not today.  I simply don't have the mental organization to pull it off.

So, I'll share another of my recent OCD projects...
The staircase!

Our staircase was beaten up and painted white (at some point long, long ago).  Now, I like white railing very much in the right setting, but these stairs are in a vaulted stark-white entryway, leaving the railing virtually invisible.

After a lot of playing with colors, I changed all that.

In general, when I paint I like to free-hand all of my trim.  I learned years ago that using painter's tape just takes a lot of extra time and the edge never looks as clean.  However, when I'm painting in tough corners, or in patterns which require meticulous lines (like stripes on a wall), I reluctantly pull out the blue rolls of sin. It's a love/hate thing.  It seems no matter how careful I am, when I go to pull the tape off, I find drips and bleeds.


This is an OCD nightmare.  Especially if I've mixed my own colors, as I did here, and have limited quantity of paint for touch-ups.  I hover over these lines for hours with my magnifying glass and that familiar lump of anxiety in my chest.  But, eventually, I remember that sometimes you just have to step away from the project and take your little blue pills.

In the end, I make my peace with the madness,
and it all works out...

And, just in time for fall!

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