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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brotherly Love and All That

For those who may be unaware, we are experiencing an economic crisis. Good people have lost their jobs, their homes, their marriages, their health. Many educated, honorable, hard-working Americans are unable to find work. Not unwilling. Unable. And, contrary to popular belief, a job at McDonald's doesn't cover the mortgage, or insurance, or student loans, the electric bill, the car payment, childcare.. Let's be honest, even well-paid, two income households have trouble making ends meet.

What's that? You didn't lose everything? You still have your job? Home? Family? Health? You worked hard, tightened your belt. Good for you. What was your industry? By any chance, was it real estate, retail, financial services, construction, or design? Maybe. Did you buy your home before, or during, the real estate boom? I wonder if your mortgage payment doubled as your income dwindled and home value plummeted. Probably not. That only happened to the lazy, uneducated, mooching opportunists. Right?

And, hopefully, no one encountered major illness in the past five years. Good thing you had insurance, right? And I'm sure it covered all the lost work and medical bills. Phew! Good thing you didn't have any pre-existing conditions, or obnoxious deductibles, or unforeseen small print excluding your illness from coverage, right? Good thing.

It's election time again. Time to choose a political team and vote for our nation's leaders. Anyone else disenchanted? Am I just unAmerican to be in complete disgust? To feel the futility in it all? I want to believe that my vote counts, and that the leaders are honest. Please. I want to vote on laws designed to edify humanity and preserve our earth, rather than to fund corporate greed. I'd love to believe that people will set aside religious or party biases to honestly, and empethetically, consider their choices.

What would happen if we voted solely for the betterment of our fellow humans? Imagine people opening their minds to compassionately see through the eyes of others. Imagine, a country where people pursue equal opportunities for all; a world where we do unto others as we would have done to us, and we love our neighbors as ourselves. I wonder what politics would look like in a world like that...


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Necessity, the Mother of... Sanity

After months of negotiating with a toddler over all pantry items below the four foot mark, I decided to accept the reality that the pantry is no longer my jurisdiction

So, we are trying something new...

Welcome to Elliott's bistro!

The chef is in.

And the customers are lining up.

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