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Monday, December 20, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?

Hello?  Is anyone still reading my blog?  I know I've been MIA for far too long and you may have given up on me, but I'm still here.  Just limping along, wondering where the hell my groove is at.  Anyway, let's see if I can catch you up a bit...

I'm proud to present my greatest accomplishment this decade:
Elliott Ocean Wiles Pearson
Born 10/22/2010 at
10 lbs, 2 oz, 22 inches long
I'd love to share my well-earned war story (birth) with you, but am feeling overwhelmed with all that I want to update you on; so the abbreviated version is: I'm pretty sure I was in labor for the last month of my pregnancy but it wasn't until 41 weeks and my THIRD trip to the hospital that I was able to convince the doctors that I was DONE.  After 19 hours of labor, my sweet TEN pound, two ounce Biscuit, Elliott was placed on my belly.  I wept uncontrollably.  Smitten beyond belief.   

Ok, so let's see; since Elliott's birth...

We said goodbye to our sweet piggy, Princess.
09/2006 - 10/2010
In memory...

We trick-or-treated,

ate turkey, 
and, after a two page diagnostic report (including such descriptions as, "your car's engine is only being held in by gravity,"), we put Thelma out to pasture.  This was only made possible by the unfathomable generosity of Elliott's great grandfather who provided us with my dream car, a minivan!
Hmmm, back to Elliott.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Elliott's daddy, Klee, has arrived to join our little circus and raise his son with me.  Our story has been developing in a most unorthodox fashion and probably deserves some commentary.  I may refer to the "CherKlee" chronicles in the future.  Stay tuned.

I'm certain that there's much more that I wanted to address.  Also pretty sure I could have written more eloquently.  Regardless, I blogged.  Now on to bigger hurdles like showering...
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