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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Don't Know

I have decided that it has been too long since I've bled publicly.  I guess I was waiting for my moment.  You know, the one in which all of life's mysteries cosmically melt together revealing the wisdom within.  That answer to, "why?".  I have been anticipating this elusive  awakening for a good portion of my life.  Some time back I concluded that the coming enlightenment may not prove to be as profound as I was hoping for, but certainly, a point must come when life makes more sense than now.  In fact, I've been feeling a little like a failure for evading such wisdom so successfully. 

At any rate, it has become clear to me that I might as well retire my pen if I plan to wait for some great gift of knowledge and inspiration to bestow.  Truth is, I'm as much of a mess now as I've always been.  I figure one thing out just in time to learn that it's all wrong.  In fact, the older I become, the more I am astounded that anyone claims to be an expert on anything at all!  If I have any wisdom to impart, it's that very little is absolute; and that the words, "I don't know," might be the most honest and profound.

So, I'm writing again.  At least I'm writing today.  I promise nothing.  I only hope, in some way, it entertains. 

Thanks for sharing in my foolishness. 
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