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Gardens Gallery

The Garden
One of my favorite living spaces is the garden.  It lives and breaths and nourishes my soul.  I feel the warm sun; I hear the birds, bees, and the chatter of neighbors; I smell the flowers and feel proud of their blooms.  It is therapy.  

I like to hang jars and lanterns around the yard.  They glisten and sparkle.
Large or small, gardens can flourish anywhere with the right amount of love.
A few pieces of outdoor furniture add comfort to your space.

In my world, gardens must be beautiful AND user-friendly.
Marshmallow roasting is almost a requirement.

Garden lights are romantic and inviting.
It is so satisfying to grown your own food!
I created planter boxes by combining shipping pallets and crates.
Works wonderfully!

I love including fountains in the garden.
The sound of softly trickling water soothes me.  

Hot tubs can feel so good and look so hideous if not planned well.
In this case, I encased it in stone and surrounded it with greenery. 
Pathways enable greater use of the yard.   This pathway is constructed of
repurposed tires.  It is durable, easy to install, and softer for toddlers to topple on.

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