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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Papa Bear

Hello my blog friends.  I wanted to peek in and let you know that I am not neglecting you.  I am just on a friend/family-a-thon.  A bit of a pilgrimage to my homeland (Ventura County) as well.  

I would love for you to meet a VERY special man in my life...

This is my Grandfather, Herbert Wiles.

I was nervous seeing "Papa-bear".  We haven't spoken since my life has taken it's dramatic turn.  He is a patriarch of my conservative heritage, so, though I know him to be loving, I worried that I would only see disappointment in his eyes.  Not so.  He came right up to me, wrapped his arms around me tight and told me how much he loves me. 

Father figures have been blurry in my world.  They have not been a big source of warmth or acceptance.  His hug was such a contrast to that. Such good medicine.  

Thank you, Grandpa.
I wish we had more time.


  1. what fondness this creates in my heart to read that you are on this journey, this chapter in your book.

    I am wishing you plenty of time and a lot of good medicine.

  2. lovely. i hear you on the "wish we had more time..." definitely hold on to the time you do have...

  3. Aren't grandparents wonderful? And I too am with you on wishing for more time. Cherish the time you have!

  4. I feel you here, Cherie. I felt EXACTLY the same way when I went home (also, Ventura County) 7 months knocked-up with my bundle of "obvious". I was so sure there was a pile or rocks with my name it, waiting for me when my face crossed the threshold of my childhood home. Not so, thankfully. Just acceptance and love. How about that?! ;)


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