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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook and The OTHER Head

I recently asked for input from my nearest and dearest on the subject of circumcision um.. I posted the question on my facebook status... because I'm THAT smart.  I was immediately made aware of the passion behind this issue.  Understandably so; it has been of great concern to me with the impending arrival of my Biscuit and his perfectly intact penis.  

One of my favorite responses came to me in a private message from my very special friend, Pam... seen below with her precious Zion.
Kinda forgot to ask if I could use this photo...
After reading her message on this subject, I had NO choice but to share it with the world.  I did get her permission to quote her.  So please, enjoy Pam's thoughts on Circumcision.  
"Our final decision came after much research and finally on the basis of the fact That the APA (American Pediatric Assoc) said there's no SOLID reason to do it.  Once can come up with reasons that might make circumcision a favorable decision - like 1. Their parts should look like their dad's (where is this rule written I wonder?)  2. It's cleaner...(perhaps, if one isn't taught how to take care of it) or 3. STD's/AIDS (again, if you don't intend to teach him about such things anyway.)
I think a lot of it just comes down to the fact that most men at least used to do it. I don't know that that's true now.  Tradition, basically.
But one good reason for NOT doing it, according to our pediatrician, is that there are, let's just say, more pleasurable sensations for those who DON'T have it done (which may or may not explain my boy's frequent need to gyrate on the floor, regardless of the setting).
That just leaves one with the question of, do I really want to do anything to increase the capacity for my man-child to think with his other head than he might already be prone to?
We decided in his favor.  :)"  


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