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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Packed My Bag Today

Time to wait.  

People ask, "are you ready?"  Chuckle.... "NO!"  But, who ever really is?  Is it possible to be fully prepared to bring a new human life into the world?  Seriously, if it is possible PLEASE someone fill me in.

At least I have the advantage of experience.  I'm kind of like the Bitch that has mellowed after producing a few litters.  It's only a little sad because she's also lost her own puppy spunk...

I've graduated to the, "I'm tired... Hand me the pickles... These pillows aren't cutting it... Where's my fan?... Damn machine is shrinking everything!!... What do you mean Attitude?.." phase of pregnancy.  This is about the time that those close to me start "suggesting" helpful methods for speeding things up a bit.  (Although, those who have experienced postpartum Cherie are a little more long-suffering with this phase.)

The major milestones have passed.  Kids are settled back in school.  Daughter's slumber party was a success.  Car seat has been acquired.  And, most significantly, Biscuit's daddy, Klee, has arrived and is actively lightening my load.  I'm officially 37 weeks today.  FULL TERM.  Time to exhale (briefly). That, and eat the broccoli-cheese soup, biscuits (the non-baby kind) and pie that Klee has been creating for us in our tiny Belmont Cottage Kitchen.

37 weeks, 1 cm dilated, baby engaged.
Ready or not...
Rocking chair ready to serve. 


  1. Super-excited for you! I'm sure everything will go off without a hitch! :)
    (Although the "hitchful" situations DO make the most interesting/entertaining stories...)
    Best of luck to you, Cherie.

  2. i like you and your attitude. godspeed, biscuit.

  3. Wheee! I'm so excited for you. Take it easy, rest up, and go ahead and express that attitude.

  4. sure would love to see a picture/post about that biscuit, his mama and daddy......


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