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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Those Beautiful Scary Boys

I have few theories as to why I have been "gifted" three boys (other than the obvious laws of random selection).  First let me state that, despite my hesitation on birthing another boy, from the moment that my sweet Elliott was placed on my tummy I have been deeply in love and can't imagine him as anything other than a perfect little boy.  

Ok, so if there is another force at play in the selection of my babies' genders, other than 'this sperm swam with more determination than that one', why would I be chosen to mother three boys?  

Men are foreign and scary to me.  A few have betrayed me in BIG, devastating ways.  This is just a statement of fact.  I don't think these men evil.  I try not to dwell (well, sometimes I dwell).  I know we are all flawed and those flaws lead us to wound those closest to us.  **Damn.  That is the hardest truth to swallow as a mother.**  Anyway, to date, I have yet to experience a traditionally successful relationship with a man.  They remain a mystery to me.  It is a noticeable handicap of mine.  Despite being born a profound optimist, I have managed to develop a magnificent forcefield around my heart.  

I wanted the dream like most everyone else.  I pursued it intensely.  I've seen others find their spouses and have their babies in the accepted order and with the proper outcome.  My own grandparents were married 50 and 70 years.  Not all happy years but the good outweighed the bad.  

I have believed in marriage.  Have even been a major advocate for the right to marry.  I have to admit though, my belief wavers now.  I mean, I support marriage if people so choose.  It is a beautiful and romantic notion.   I'm just not sure it's always a positive or constructive institution.  The 50% success/failure rate is a bit discouraging and, so far, I'm two for two in the darker half.  It hurts to embrace something so completely and face disillusionment.  It hurts to lose the faith. 

My therapist says these are normal thoughts for someone with my experiences.  He says there's a good chance I'll change my opinion and feel safety in love again... some day.  I don't know.  I hope so.  I still love the idea of building a life in union with another.  I don't know if marriage is the key to that or not.  I have so many clouded questions about human nature, love, men, and accepted social norms.    In fact, if you have insight to share on the topic of marriage, please do.  

So, three boys in my care.  Such a huge responsibility for someone so ill equipped in the category of love and men.  And yet, if ever I've fallen in true, uninhibited, lay myself down on the tracks, LOVE; it has been when my babies were placed in my arms.  I so want to do them justice.  I want them to feel loved and to love well. I want them to successfully bond with another and build beautiful lives.  

Can this be one of those "do as I say, not as I do" things?    
Ahh, but I love them so...


  1. oh dearest cherie...i love you so...i, too feel ill equipped in the men department...manuel was my first and only boyfriend and i am so flawed as a wife...try to be better in the mommy department but so many ideals and so much i need to change, learn, grow...thank you for sharing your heart as always and allowing us to relate and grow together...LOVE this photo of your boys by the way! happy new year...i look forward to following you more often and maybe even visiting one of these days!

  2. there mere fact that you contemplate this topic with such depth tells me that you are well-equipped to mother these three boys. enjoy the ride!


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