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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creating the World Around Us

Hello my friends and fans! How I've missed you. Somewhere along my blogging way life buried my creative time and energy. And then my laptop developed a personality disorder. I make my living by writing papers, so all of my computer's happy moments have been dedicated to limping through those assignments. So, let's hope my handy iPad can save the day. I found this blogsy app. It's a little confusing for a tech novice like myself, but maybe I can figure it out with some trial and error.

So first off, I should tell you, I got married! I'll blog a wedding post for you later, but here's one happy pic...

Klee and I are both creative creatures. As we evolve together, so does our vision for the life we want to share. It's a slow process but we're always adding details to that dream. We both thrive when we're swimming in projects or absorbing inspiration. For example, our weekends frequently involve a trip to one of the many local farmer's markets in search ingredients to use in Klee's jams, relishes, and vinegars. We've even designated a canning station for him. He has four concoctions brewing there now...

Much of our honeymoon was spent either beach combing for pretty shells and stones, or hunting for treasures in the antique stores. Fortunately, we made it home in time for the annual neighborhood garage sale. Never underestimate the joy bought by the aquisition of a $5.00 World War II army lockbox, $3.00 amber globe lamp, or a free box of canning jars!

Check out some of our other recent scores...

Awesome green trunk and vintage crate

The crate reads, "Cambria", which is special since that's where we got married.

The chair was free and we found the footstool at an antique store in old Capitola.

$25.00 cedar chest!

Pretty painting and frame

And, ok, this lamp may not be for everyone, but it caught my eye. If I want to, I can dismantle it and use the globes for another creation. I'm gonna sit with it for a while.

And, like many others, we love our garden, although that has been more of a learning process than a productive one this summer. More on that later, but here's a glimpse as I sign off...



  1. I could not have picked a more perfect thing to read as I sat down to eat my farmers' market supper: whole wheat handmade bread, a sliced cucumber, a sliced tomato, some fresh goat cheese (with bits of pineapple in it) and some local honey drizzled on the other piece of bread....

    So, CONGRATULATIONS. I'm really, really happy that you shared this terrific news. I'm feeling a particular need to see a pic of that cute little boy and the other gorgeous children, as well.

    Canning; my obsession for the last five years. Made some blueberry-basil vinegar last year - I need to get it out this fall when my salad mix comes in good.

    Missed you and your posts.

  2. I am so happy for you guys!!! Love the few photos I've seen on fb and I've enjoyed catching up with your journeys there but I am super excited to see you back to blogging :)


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