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Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Hit the Motherlode!

Elli and I set out for an Ikea outing yesterday when we happened upon a local estate sale.  I have almost no ability to resist garage/yard/estate sale signs, so we detoured.  Fortunately, my Mr. shares in my sickness, so the only reprimand I receive from these detours is for going without him.

Anyway, I found FABULOUS! I can not wait to post these treasures in our shop! Hats! Scarves!  Bohemian Beads! Polka dots! Ruby depression glass! Linen!

I'm beyond giddy. 


  1. I cannot resist a good estate sale, vintage consignment store, or valued thrift shop......

    Great finds!

  2. I have chosen you as one of the lucky recipients of the Liebster Award! I am passing this along to you in appreciation of your creativity, fearless sharing and blogging support.

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    Thank you for sharing,


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