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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lessons from a Siamese

When I was a child, my father had a cat named Entropy. It was my first living example of true mayhem. Entropy used to leap into the air, without notice, and perform great feats of acrobatics. In a quiet room, he would appear from out of nowhere, sweep all papers and books off of their flat surfaces, fling the aluminum blinds, shred the carpet, and then disappear, again, without notice.

I have always been one who likes a certain amount of order. My clothes hang in my closet coordinated by color and type. I like spaces free of clutter and soothing to the soul. And, I like plans. Study plans, furniture layout plans, plans for when I would marry, have babies, buy groceries...

Those who know me well, know the irony of my OCD nature in relation to the life I have lived.

Life is Entropy. At least my life has been up to this point. My constant challenge has been to create myself and find the beauty in the mess of it all. It is uncomfortable. It frustrates me almost daily. And, in the end, it provides the materials for the most incredible work of art.

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  1. Love this...i've had a lot of OCD and chaos in my life and appreciate someone who can help me find meaning and order...look forward to following your blog...


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