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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Don't Know

I have decided that it has been too long since I've bled publicly.  I guess I was waiting for my moment.  You know, the one in which all of life's mysteries cosmically melt together revealing the wisdom within.  That answer to, "why?".  I have been anticipating this elusive  awakening for a good portion of my life.  Some time back I concluded that the coming enlightenment may not prove to be as profound as I was hoping for, but certainly, a point must come when life makes more sense than now.  In fact, I've been feeling a little like a failure for evading such wisdom so successfully. 

At any rate, it has become clear to me that I might as well retire my pen if I plan to wait for some great gift of knowledge and inspiration to bestow.  Truth is, I'm as much of a mess now as I've always been.  I figure one thing out just in time to learn that it's all wrong.  In fact, the older I become, the more I am astounded that anyone claims to be an expert on anything at all!  If I have any wisdom to impart, it's that very little is absolute; and that the words, "I don't know," might be the most honest and profound.

So, I'm writing again.  At least I'm writing today.  I promise nothing.  I only hope, in some way, it entertains. 

Thanks for sharing in my foolishness. 


  1. i've tried twice to post a comment - keep going, one word at a time.

    don't wait. this is it. our life is now. these moments, this one, the last one, and the next one are IT!

  2. love you cherie...i've been so behind on my own life i haven't been much help to others...heck, you wrote this 2 weeks ago and i'm just coming across it! but know you are loved and supported by many even if they don't have the words or voice or time to let you know adequately. i love following you even when you are silent...take care of yourself and hope we can cross paths soon...


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