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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Hairy Deal

I've added a new form of fiber to my kids' diets lately...  Hair.  Initially, it grossed them out, but as time has worn on they seem to have accepted it as the norm.  It isn't due to our skeleton of a budget - though, every little bit helps!  It has more to do with my recent inability to keep my hair in my head.  

This seems to be an unfortunate by-product of my pregnancy.  My kids actually take great pleasure in pointing out the various ways in which Biscuit (baby) is sucking the life out of mom.  I'm glad I'm able to provide them with adequate material.  I've taken most of it in stride.  I've even come to embrace my new, rounder self.  The mild pigmentation above my upper lip (kinda like a mustache tattoo), has been a disappointment; but I have to say, the hair loss has been more than a little concerning.  

The kids aren't completely heartless on the matter, though.  Kinsey made the helpful suggestion that we collect all of mom's hairs and have a wig made for when she goes bald.  I like to keep her around just for those extra boosts to my self esteem.

I love hair.  It offers so much opportunity for us to be creative, self-expressive, individualists.  And, though it takes time, it is always forgiving.  Say, for example, one completely fries her hair by using a cheap bleaching kit, resulting in various shades of highlighter pink, orange and yellow.  Even if the hundreds of dollars she spent in attempts to repair said damage were to be unsuccessful; eventually, her hair would grow out, leaving the horrific incident as nothing more than an addition to her "notes to self".

Red was one of my favorites.  I loved how it seemed to infuse me with that fireball attitude which seems to be intrinsic in all natural-born red-heads.  Of course, it's a very difficult shade to maintain if your not graced with that magic genetic code.  So, I remain in envy of such gorgeous natural beauties.

Check out these rock'n red curly heads!  *sigh* Can't find that on a shelf in Walmart...
I've been blonde more than any other color, but that is a costly route to take.  It HAS to be done in a salon.  Trust me.  

Currently I am a brunette.  It's proving to allow the longest stretch of time between touch-ups, which is great since I have NO money.

I love it when people are daring with their manes and manage to pull it off.  I mean like the ones who go purple or fuchsia and you find yourself staring at them in awe that they actually look good.  

Or the ones who look fabulous with super short hair.

Or dreadlocks... 

Or the most daring of all (and stunning when it works)... 

I would LOVE to pull that off!

I have always looked at hair as a canvas.  And though I haven't been as bold as some, I have pushed my own limits on a fairly regular basis.  Perms, Bobs, Boy cuts, Fringes, Highlights, Low lights, Box Colors of various shades... FUN! 

And, it seems quite possible that in the near future I might try bald on for size.  Sinead, Demi, Britney, watch out!  Mama's shining up her crown and hitting the town!


  1. *bleck* to the crazy postpartum hair shedding!!! and yeah... i'd love to pull off silver hair someday - so beautiful!! :D

  2. you know, when I was younger *ahem*, like just a few minutes ago, I used to threaten to shave my head "just because".

    Now, I don't subscribe to that line of thought so much - I'm almost vain about my hair. It's the one part of my femininity that I obstinately refuse to part with. I even regret cutting the ten inches off back in December.

    I'll be updating you with photos of my red-venture in a day or two.

    And, as ever, I am loving reading your w"right"ing.

    ;0) and <3


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