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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nature's BOUNTY

My little patio garden is doing pretty well...

We've already tasted several strawberries (one plant does not a strawberry shortcake make...).

And the tomatoes have been plentiful.  I ate this one in my salad tonight...
Gives you a picture of wholesomeness, doesn't it.  Cherie, growing her own food, eating off the land...


is what pregnancy has reduced me too.

I've tried to resist.  
It's futile.  
Biscuit likes his baked goods.  And what good are brownies without a few varieties of ice cream, topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon toast crunch?  
He also likes lemons and cucumbers.  That makes up for it, right


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  1. Cinnamon toast crunch? OhMAN I haven't had that in years. And I never thought of putting it on ice cream and/or brownies. Wow. So not pregnant here, but that still sounds yummy.

    Your garden looks great - I'm envious! My tomato plants rotted from the ground up. Basil got eaten by a pest or something. Beans have lacy leaves. Carrots need thinning. But the peppers and spinach look like in a month I might get to eat something!


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