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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patio Garden Play

Well, it's here.  

At noon last Friday, my kids climbed into my hot car after a half-day of classroom celebrations concluding their school year.  They had been counting down the days for weeks so I expected their excitement and energy.  What I didn't expect were the tears.  That's right.  We spent the rest of that afternoon wiping tears, looking at classroom photos and playing Bailey's class dance CD, which we had the pleasure of learning the routine to.  (I can now do the 'running man'.)

But the tears are all gone now.  At least the tears of sadness are.  The boredom is another thing all together.  Two plus months of summer heat, a small two bedroom house, no wii or X-box, limited cable, one computer and no money.  What to do?  What.... to..... do?

We decided to kick off the festivities by planting a patio garden.  So, after a hot, semi-chaotic, patience-testing, FUN filled trip to Lowe's, we plunged our fingers into the dirt (or manure - as my kids referred to it). 
I allowed each of the kids to select their own garden baby.  

Kinsey chose a watermelon and a cucumber.  Bailey opted for a cantaloupe.  Noah went for the strawberry.  

I added two tomato plants and some herbs to the mix.  

Considering that my patio is not large, I suspect we will feel a bit overtaken with sprawling vines by summer's end.  

No matter.  I'm looking at this as more of an experiment than a well thought out plan.

Regardless of the outcome, we have created a living, inspiring space to sit (or rock) in, share and laugh in, roast marshmallows in, and evolve in.

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