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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forward Motion

Last weekend my mother came out to help me move my things into my little home.  
It was something I was dreading.  An emotionally daunting task.  But, mom is not dissuaded by "daunting" anything.  She is a workhorse.  She takes on the ugly and kicks its butt.  So, last weekend, she took her driveling daughter by the hand and, together, we took "daunting" down.
For the first time in 7 months, I have a home.  I can nest again.  I step in my front door and feel comfort.  I feel my mother's love.  I feel I have something to offer my children.  Gratitude is a weak description, but it overflows. 

This came just in time for summer.  

My kids have a sofa to flop on, loft beds to sleep in, a fire pit for marshmallows.  I am so thrilled to give this to them
 So ready to start living again.


  1. a house is built with board and beam a home is built on love and dreams.

    there is nothing, nothing, nothing like your own home. rented, borrowed, or stolen. Well, ok, maybe not stolen.

    I'm so glad to hear that you can flop on the sofa with your kids, eat the roasted marshmallows from the fire pit and wallow in the beauty of your refeathered nest.

  2. i love you cherie...you have such a wonderful perspective and i'm so glad you are at this point in your journey of life. your children are truly blessed to have such a dear soul for their mom...i'm glad your mom could be there for you in that way, too...farmhousewife was much more eloquent in her comments...just wanted to say glad you are back and glad you are home and glad you are my friend and glad you are ready to start living again!


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