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Friday, August 27, 2010

Baskets, Jars, Tins and Cigars; More Keeping of Stuff

When space is scarce, creativity is required.  If the items being stored are attractive in anyway, I try to use exposed forms of storage in order to free up closet/cupboard space for  the less beautiful items.
Books and Baskets create a side table
Purses, Scarves, Hats;
all can be used in decor in
order to create more closet space.
I multipurpose where ever possible.

Office/Night stand
And, I use what I've got.

Magazine Rack turned
Blanket Stand
Fruit Baskets turned
Baby Caps/Burp Cloths

This silverware basket
makes a
great mail/info center
Baskets, jars, tins, cigar boxes, anything that might work as a storage container is my best friend.

Fruit basket and Cake dish;
obvious yet functional

This basket works beautifully as a snack center.  It sits
on the counter, at the end of the table, for easy
Jars have a multitude
of uses

Even layering baskets can be helpful

I absolutely love when a favorite find doubles as functional!

This old tin has been around forever; the cigar boxes
were a lucky freecycle find.
Both serve great storage purposes;
and I love to look at them.

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