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Friday, August 20, 2010

Evolution of Space

As you might recall, I recently pieced together a fabric sample wall art "head board" .  While I'm pleased with that phase of the project, the evolution of the space is still in process.  I'm not entirely content with the wall yet and the bed needs some dressing up. 

My duvet has been lying naked for a while because the bold red duvet cover (which was graciously given to me) made creating a combined master retreat/nursery difficult.  Whether you like it or not, baby boys get blue things; resistance may not be futile but it is frustrating none-the-less.  I want to make the space a place of peace for my adult self, while still embracing the coming baby dweller.

The other day, while searching my wallet for something important (which I can't remember), I found an old gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Glee shot through me.  Free shopping - a girl's best friend.  I felt adequately armed with my new treasure AND the 20% off coupon which I'd received in the mail.  The search commenced.

I initially intended to keep the bed simple, maybe even white, so I gave that a go.  I liked the cloud effect, but the bed felt boring and disconnected from the space.

So, I took my 13-year-old daughter back with me to BB&B and we went a different route...
I actually loved this duvet cover.  It's colorful, bohemian and very soft.  BUT.  The yellow was a little too bright and the pattern a bit too contemporary for the vintage quilting in the room.  

I did like the eclectic quality though, so decided to pursue that further...
I'm feeling pretty good with this green and white number.  It's lacking in style on it's own, but with the butter bed skirt and deep turquoise pillows, it will work.  (The soft white blanket is actually intended as a barrier between the dogs and my bedding.  It works about 20% of the time, when they forget to dig themselves into my pillows.)

The empty frame on the wall is NOT a completed detail.  It is actually an old frame which used to house a painting of me as a little girl.  My grandparents had it commissioned many years ago.  When my grandmother went into an alzhiemer's care home, my grandfather gave me the painting. 

The frame is very in keeping with it's era (mid 70's).  It's gold and gaudy... and I kinda love it.  
My mother took this picture while I played in a park.
She made that outfit for me.

A while back the painting fell out of it, so I set the painting on a shelf and have been trying to decide how else to use the frame.  I don't mind it hanging over the bed, but not empty.  What to fill it with.....  hmmmm.  I'll get back to you on that. 

So this is the room as it stands now.  The leopard chair has to fit somewhere else in the house as I need that corner for my old rocking chair (given to me by my aunt when Kinsey was born).
Oliver standing at his post, protecting our home from the many squealing children running past my window.  He doesn't understand my lack of appreciation for his efforts.
** To see more evolution of my spaces, click on the page link, "Belmont Cottage" at the top of the blog**


  1. Actually, I was kinda liking the picture to the left of the lamp and was wanting to see that above the bed....?

    I didn't care for the white (in this particular setting) and absolutely LOVED the bohemian/yellow/blue number, but understand why you chose the green and like it well enough - especially knowing what you'll do to make it right at home.

    I can just about feel the love in the air when you speak of your grandparents and the fact that your mother made your outfit and took your photograph - it all comes full circle, when we become mothers, doesn't it?

    Sigh. Your posts make me feel as though I'm sitting right there, in an armchair discussing colors and textures and patters with tea. And BISCUIT.

  2. I agree, I really like that picture as well, and I have two of them hanging in the room, but they serve a good purpose where they are so I'm not eager to move them. I'd like a landscape format for the artwork over my bed. Not sure that that frame is it, but ...

    And I seriously debated the bohemian cover, but I think I would have had to rethink the "headboard".

    I love your comment about tea and Biscuit. Warmed my heart.

  3. i love all your colors and patterns and watching the work in progress (and explaining your thinking along the way!)...wish i had your skills to go along with the love for these things. we have the eclectic colorful bohemian angle in common...i'm so excited for biscuit to experience all this love and nesting and "full circle" grandparent to baby cycle...love your bangs in the old photo...cute tea and biscuit reference from farmhousewife, too...

  4. Oliver's such a good little solider! (I still want him...)
    I agree with all statements above. (Because I'm original that way. ;) )


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