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Monday, August 16, 2010

Full Blown Nesting (Biscuit's Quilt!!)

My mom and I have made blankets for each one of my babies, so we used my recent visit to work together on Biscuit's quilt.  His was even more necessary than the others because he is using a mini crib which does not come with a plethora of cute crib bedding.  

As you know, I've been piecing through my piles of discontinued fabric samples from work.  I pulled several and took them with me on my trip.  I was also thrilled that my sister in law found and gave me a Wendy Belissimo leopard print crib sheet which I had given her years ago.  I was able to alter it to fit the mini crib mattress which left me with enough remaining fabric to use in the quilt.

After A LOT of deliberation, we came up with our favorite scraps and started putting the puzzle together.  Mom also bought me two complimentary fabrics and the minky dot fabric for the backing.  We had also stopped by Babies-R-Us where I had a gift card and bought two diaper stackers which were on clearance.  One I will use as intended.  The other I tore apart for parts.  Hence the elephant in the center of the quilt.

It took many hours to piece the strips together.  It was a challenge to sew the various textures to each other without puckering and sliding.  It was a good feeling when the face of the quilt was complete.

Then came the hand-tying and the edging.  The tying wasn't too difficult.  It did take some creativity since the quilt is not in uniform squares.  I had to be careful to tie it in a pattern which wouldn't look horrific on the back of the quilt.  

The edging was easy to decide on but I think I sewed it on three times before I was able to get it lined up right.  I had even ironed it into shape and pinned it closely all around.  It was just a real challenge with the varying textures and seams.  And mitering the corners was a pain in the ass.

It's not perfect, but there's charm in that.  All in all, I'm thrilled with the end result.
Here you can see the leopard sheet and minky dot backing.
I also bought green tulle to use for a crib skirt.  I'm excited about that.  I don't think I'll be using a bumper at all.

There is something so satisfying about setting baby's bed up.  Like, now he can come home.  All is well.


  1. I love the quilt. It will be a treasure for Biscuit many years down the road. Few babies have their own quilts made for then with so much care and love.

  2. I am always never suprised (that is sorta an untruth - you keep surprising me with your talents) at the beauty you can bring forth with your head, heart and hands! And look cute while many months pregnant! ;-)

    So glad you had this cathartic time with Mom and Friends - it's what life is mostly about, no?

    Really like the quilt - if it turns up missing I don't know anything about it (quick, honey hide this in the armoir in the breezeway!).

    p.s. i have an idea. Will elaborate more later.

  3. Thanks girls!

    Can't wait to hear more on that idea!


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