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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spare A Dime?

So, over the past several years the economy has thrown a bit of entropy our way. After some kicking and screaming (which I still reserve the right to do), we made a few changes.

I've always been thoughtful in my spending, but I also love to be surrounded by beautiful things. Since money and I went separate ways, I've been learning how to live well on less than a dime.

Some of my discoveries:

1. The SIMPLE LIFE is better. While I enjoyed my "stuff" before, it was burdensome. My house wore me out - especially since I tend to like things just so. Our life had become very complicated managing all the accounts, cars, spaces, etc... While choosing to let those complications go was more than challenging, it has been FREEING like I cannot describe. I love the ease and simplicity of less. While I hope we are on the rebound from our proverbial kick in the ass, I will never crave that excess again.

As a designer, I love my spaces. It takes far less to doll up a jewel box than a warehouse.

At the end of this hall (picture left) is my "studio" (picture right). I know it looks suspiciously like a closet but don't be fooled. It's ALL MINE and it's perfect.

2. Consignment Shops ROCK! My sister in law, Michelle, and I recently discovered this little beauty in Pleasanton. The shop owner is always there and loves what she does. She has the best selection of quality clothing, shoes and accessories. LOVE IT! It's like Anthropologie on a smaller scale - but it's the real deal.

It's located on Main St.
in the very sweet downtown area of Pleasanton. I have to explore this area more. Many shops and restaurants to savor. (Waiting on a few more dimes...)

I bought these three tops at the Lotus Boutique. It's like a really fun treasure hunt.

3. Two Words.. One?.. Whatever, FREECYCLE. Best discovery yet! People actually give away stuff they don't want! I signed up and get daily posts. They give away everything under the sun. It can be humorous. Recently someone was giving away 8 leprechauns. I LOL'd when I read it but someone actually took them! Leprechauns aside, there are frequently good things on there. This morning I picked up a new keyboard and mouse... FREE. Check it out.

4. I'm happiest when I'm content. I'm not real proficient at this state but that is a blog for another time.

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  1. love it! thanks for the tips...i enjoyed the photos of your life, too...miss northern california...


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