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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Have A Pfaff; Don't be Jealous

I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine about 13 years ago.  I'm not sure how long she had it, but it was no spring chicken when it came to stay with me.  It's a Pfaff Synchrotronic 1229.  I like that name.  Pfaff.  

Anyway, it has a bunch of little gadgets in it that I don't understand, but I do know how to thread it and sew.  

It has been neglected over the past several years.  It moves everywhere with me and sits in some corner, waiting to fulfill it's purpose.  I think it would get more use if I had a sewing room like my grandmother had.  I get lazy and don't want to lug it out and set it all up (which takes all of five minutes).  

But, necessity inspires action.  I needed more sheets for Biscuit's mini crib, among a few other items, so I pulled out the Pfaff and went to work.

I considered altering a few more crib sheets as I did with the first one, but that was going to get a little pricy, and I didn't love any of the sheets at Babies-R-Us.  I also knew I wanted to sew a small crib skirt and maybe make a cover for the changing table pad, so I wanted more material than those sheets would provide.  I checked the local fabric store and was unimpressed.  Nothing seemed soft enough for baby skin.  
Walmart sheet before I cut it
to pieces.

Fortunately, Walmart and Ross had a few cute sheet sets for a great price so I swiped those up and started cutting.  I used a twin set and a full set which resulted in ample left-overs.

The paisley sheets combined well with my green tulle to make a simple crib skirt. 

Crib skirt and sheet

I was able to make two crib sheets from one full-sized blue sheet.  It's a nice, soft fabric.

The changing pad cover was actually my most time-consuming item.  I had trouble fitting it to the contours of the pad.  I still may make some alterations.  I wanted to sew several covers, but I may stop with the one.

There was plenty of the paisley left for the cover and I also had some of the minky dot left from the quilt, so I combined the two in order to give Biscuit's bum a soft landing.

Coming together

The remaining fabric will be put to good use.  I have one complete twin fitted sheet of the paisley and one complete full sheet of the blue print.  Those will probably go to the kids club.  There are also several pillow cases which I've thrown on my bed in order to tie Biscuit's details to mine.  

Oh ya!  I also filled the gaudy heirloom frame with a fabric that I love; AND I added more contact paper branches to the wall.
Now all it needs is a photo in the side table frame.

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